Open your mind, heart, nostrils and lungs, here comes more oxygen!

Let's Breathe Better.

Below are your resources for the Breathe Better Challenge.
Learn the hows and whys of Better Breathing during the tuturials. The tutorials unpack alignment cues used during practice. Then practice to create the circumstances for Better Breathing in your body. Each practice has its own focus and flavor.

Tutorial 1: Functional Breathing and Your Respiratory Diaphragm

How do you know if you're breathing functionally? The answer is the expansion of your ribs.

Practice 1: Seated Shoulder Openers

This practice is done seated (can be on a yoga block, meditation cushion, or chair.) The movements will unravel your upper back, open your chest, and release your respiratory diaphragm.

Tutorial 2: Diaphragm Demo and Intra Abdominal Pressure

Watch a demonstration of how the diaphragm influences your lungs. The "vacuum" creates intra abdominal pressure for a strong core, stable spine, better balance and proprioception.

Practice 2: Move to Breath

This practice is done standing. The rhythm of movement will entrain your rhythm of breathing. You’ll need space to swing and circle your arms plus stretch out your legs.

Tutorial 3: Breathing and Your Nervous System

Your breath is your ally for nervous system calibration. Learn how to energize and uplift as well as create cool, calm, content.

Practice 3: Breath to BE

This practice is done lying down. You relax and release with gravity. There are a few seated postures and meditation at the end. Meditation can be done on a cushion, in a chair or laying down.



James Nestor Interview with Dr. Mark Hyman

Huberman Lab - Breathing with Dr. Jack Feldman

Articles and Studies:

Daily 5-minute breathwork and mindfulness meditation improve mood and reduce anxiety - Study in Cell Reports Medicine, authors include Andrew Huberman

3 Deeper Truths about Breathing - Alison Smith


The Breathing Cure by Patrick McKeown

Breath by James Nestor

Anchored by Deb Dana

Yoga of the Subtle Body by Tias Little


Diaphragm Diorama with Jill Miller

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